Using Mobile Banking Securely

Please follow these tips to assist you in using your CSB Mobile and CSB Business applications securely:

• Mobile phone applications, text messages, instant messages and calls from unfamiliar or suspicious sources that request personal financial information and passwords should be declined and, when appropriate, promptly deleted, and not replied to or forwarded.  Any links they contain should not be opened.

• Each mobile phone and mobile phone application should be assigned a different password with the maximum allowable number and type of characters.

• Mobile phones should be set to log off automatically after no more than two minutes of non-use, with a password required to log back into the phone.

• Mobile phones should be locked up when not in use and not left in visible, unsecured locations.

• Lost or stolen phones should be reported to the carrier promptly … and don’t forget to call Mobile Banking Support at 888-853-6633 so we can disable your mobile banking application.